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What causes hearing loss?


Earwax buildup

Never clean your ear canal with a cotton swab, pen lid, or anything else that might fit. Your earwax moves naturally to the edge of your ear canal where it can be easily wiped off. If you have an issue with earwax buildup, please see your Dr.

Perforated Eardrum

A perforated eardrum may be caused by an ear infection, immediate loud noises close to the ear, pressure changes, or putting something in your ear that shouldn't be there. If this occurs, please go see your ENT. This usually heals within about 2 months. If hearing loss occurs or continues to get worse, call your Dr.

Ear infection

Although ear infections are more common in younger children, they still happen quite often in adults with the common cold or allergies.  

Listening to music with earbuds

If the music you are listening to is loud enough to be around 100 dBs, these levels can start to cause hearing loss within as little as 15 minutes. A good tip is to make sure you buy earbuds with volume control.

Loud events

Sporting events, fireworks shows or concerts can cause hearing loss to some extent. More often hearing loss is caused by repeated exposure over an extended period of time. 


Being overweight is a risk factor for hearing loss. Studies show that those who are overweight and/or have larger waists experience more hearing loss as opposed to those of normal weight.

Please click on the link below for more details from AARP.

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